Counseling Immigrants: increasing our awareness

Course Description

This course is an overview of theory and research in the disciplines of psychology, sociology, and anthropology in regard to cultural studies and persons with disabilities. This course is intended to help you formulate your own way for best practices. Although we have focused on the immigrant population, there is also crossover with second-generation immigrants and anyone who identifies as being part of a minority group. Information here applies to the idea that we all have cultural differences to consider.

Although the intended audience for this course is Americans working in human services, everyone is welcome. Note that reflection questions and content would likely need to be adapted for a learner with a background other than North American or for someone from another profession.

Generalized statements are made to guide you in devising useful questions for client interviews while assessing their needs. Note that the information here is not all encompassing. By identifying some commonalities, a provider may have the right knowledge to ask the right questions.

Certificate / CRC Credit (3)

When you reach the end of the course, you will be prompted to complete a brief quiz. Once you have met the requirements for passing the quiz you will be awarded either a Certificate of Completion or 3 CRC credits.

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