Effectively Managing VR Caseloads

Course Description

In order to be effective as VR professionals we must learn to optimize our time. In this course we will explore methods to improve our work with clients, streamline our caseload, and reduce our stress.

Course Objectives

- Obtain a working knowledge of Caseload Management as it applies to the VR profession.
- Understand the impact of individual client casework on overall caseload management.
- Examine your work habits and discover what is working and what is not.
- Discover your own personal energy and how to use this to your advantage.
- Identify time traps and develop your own time management skills.
- Learn how to improve your documentation skills.

Certificate / CRC Credit (3)

When you reach the end of the course, you will be prompted to complete a brief quiz. Once you have met the requirements for passing the quiz you will be awarded either a Certificate of Completion or 3 CRC credits.

Price: $44.99

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