Succession Planning Part 1: Crisis of Governance

Course Description

The first installment in this 3-part series explores the “crisis of governance,” reasons for succession planning, principles of effective succession planning, distinguishing succession planning and management from replacement planning and offers some fundamentals of talent management. The importance of defining competencies, assessing individual performance, providing technical skills and facilitating career development discussions will also be covered.

Course Objectives

  • Explore reasons for succession planning.
  • Identify principles of effective succession planning.
  • Distinguish succession planning and management from replacement planning.
  • Clarify the fundamentals of talent management.
  • Define competencies, assess individual performance, provide technical skills and facilitate career development discussions.

Certificate / CRC Credit (1.5)

When you reach the end of the course, you will be prompted to complete a brief quiz. Once you have met the requirements for passing the quiz you will be awarded either a Certificate of Completion or 1.5 CRC credits.

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