Working with American Indians

Course Description

Cultural Awareness: Tips for State VR Counselors

Every State serves American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/NA) populations under Vocational Rehabilitation. These populations live in urban areas to very rural areas. Some States collaborate with AIVRS programs to provide joint services. In all cases, the relationships between the State VR counselor and AI/NA individuals can be strained due to cultural differences or misunderstandings.

Course Objectives

In the first Webinar, VR staff will learn how history impacts today’s interactions, tips on how to establish rapport, and tips on how to provide counseling to the AI/NA individuals.

The Webinar will bring to light the critical difference in communication and values between the two cultures. Identify tips and techniques to better communication, staff roles, creating positive rapport, communication/relationship dysfunctions and how to correct, tools and resources.

Personal experiences, professional and non-professional, will demonstrate how these tips and techniques can be implemented to increase AI/NA consumer satisfaction and engagement, increased successful outcomes and revitalizing staff esprit de corps that can ultimately provide increased capacities and a transformational opportunity for the VR program.

VR Counselors and para professional support staff will learn the value of working within another culture to support better and more creative decision making, reduce fear and isolation in the work place and increase consumer satisfaction.

Certificate / CRC Credit (1.5)

When you reach the end of the course, you will be prompted to complete a brief quiz. Once you have met the requirements for passing the quiz you will be awarded either a Certificate of Completion or 1.5 CRC credits.

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